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  • Unacceptable Conduct


    Alloa Athletic Football Club are fully committed in its policies and communication that any form of  discrimination that may be regarded as unacceptable conduct will not be tolerated.

    To meet these objectives the following activities will be implemented and reviewed on an annual basis.

    1) Participate in at least one organised anti-discrimination annual event i.e. “show racism the red card”

    2) Alloa Athletic Website - link to anti-discrimination websites

    3) Alloa Athletic Website - discrimination statement included in supporters charter on website

    4) Anti- discrimination PA announcements on match days - a) pre-match b) half-time

    5) Anti-discrimination item in match day programme

    6) Supporters - Item in programme and PA announcement asking supporters to report any racial or anti-discrimination behaviour to a Steward or the Safety Officer.

    7) All Ticket Fixtures - every ticket to carry warning that breach of Club’s rules on unacceptable conduct will lead to exclusion from ground

    8) Players and Manager to be available to attend anti-discrimination events/ launches/interviews.

    9) Supporters - Liase with Supporters Club to explain Club’s policies

    10) Procedures for supporters found involved in anti-discrimination behaviour :-

    a) Warning by Steward ( report to Safety Officer)
    b) If continues - Safety Officer consult with Police
    c) Person removed from ground
    d) Record action taken
    e) Submit report to Board of Directors

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