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     Leisure Bookings at Indodrill Stadium

    Indodrill Stadium has a FIFA Grade 2 approved playing surface that has been well received by all who have used it. If you haven’t played on a synthetic pitch for years, or you still think it’s like the old ”Astroturf” then you are in for a pleasant surprise. We have built up a reputation for having a playing surface that is always playable come rain hail or shine.

    At the Stadium you can hire one third of the park, half the park or the whole pitch. We can tailor packages to suit your specific needs be it a one off leisure bookings, block booking, a friendly game with your friends, a Birthday parties, charity events etc we have everything you need.

    You can access our public changing facilities or use the official away changing room with access to showers and
    toilet facilities, evening games will also have the use of floodlights at no additional cost.

    Current prices cost per booking
    one third £42
    half pitch £60
    full pitch £120

    We are now offering regular users the opportunity to become a loyalty card holder. The wasps loyalty card costs £5 and is valid for a 12 month period. The card offers holders discounts on all leisure bookings.
    The discounts on offer to you per hour are as follows:

    Availability current price loyalty price

    one third £42 £35
    half pitch £60 £50
    full pitch £120 £80

    The loyalty card also offers a huge discounts on games.
    Currently the pitch is £120 per hour costing £240 for a game with your loyalty card you would get a special game price of £160

    For more information or to apply please contact Carol on 01259 219596 or Carol.Edgar@mulraney.com


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