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    Jim Goodwin after penalty defeat 

    Thursday, July 20, 2017 5:54:00 PM

    Jim Goodwin after Betfred tie v. Arbroath

    It was a disappointing way to lose the game tonight, the boys are gutted in the dressing room, but when you gift teams a soft goal of a start it gives them something to hang onto, they made it difficult for us tonight, we had plenty of the ball and possession but found them very hard to break down at times, but in fairness to the boys they kept going and it looked like one of these games where we could have been here all night and never scored, we probably didn’t work their goalkeeper enough, although we had good possession we lacked a bit of creativity in the final third, the goal was a great goal from Frank up to then we had looked most likely to score from set plays where we had looked dangerous with great quality coming in from Iain Flannigan and Alan Cook.

    Then on to penalties………..which is our second time in a couple of months, we know it is a lottery at the end of the day and the two we missed weren’t hit as well as the lads would have liked both normally strike a dead ball well, so I think they will want another crack at it. Credit to Arbroath, they were organised resilient and they gained the extra point. In our position now we can only hope Ross County win all their games, convincingly to do us a favour, they would need to beat Hibs and then we would need to win our final two games and see what seven points would give us, I’m not even sure seven points would be enough to see us through as one of the best runners up? There is no chance we can win the group now but we still hold a chance of finishing second and sneak in.

    Initially we feared the worse for Craig Malcolm on Saturday it was a nasty tackle and the reaction was it was a serious injury, however he had the x ray on Sunday morning and thankfully there is no fracture or break but some ligament damage which might keep him sidelined a couple of weeks but possibly four weeks, Craig is a strong boy and will want to get back involved as soon as possible.

    The boys will be back in for training on Friday night, have the weekend off and be ready to face Montrose next Tuesday evening. 

    Jim Goodwin

    Jim Goodwin at Dingwall  

    Saturday, July 15, 2017 4:29:30 PM

    Jim Goodwin after defeat in Dingwall

    I can’t argue with the result, so be fair Ross County were the better team on the day, I am disappointed because we didn’t play to the levels we are capable of, I couldn’t fault the players commitment or effort they worked really hard, but it will not be a surprise to anyone to see the result, but the disappointing thing for me was that it was a game if we came up and  done things properly when in possession we could have caused a wee upset, but I give great credit to Ross County they were the better team on the day and that is the bottom line.

    Ross County were expected to win but we know teams can cause upsets and when we saw the draw we felt it was a game we could go and frustrate them, we tried to do that with our shape, I thought it worked reasonably well but the two goals we lost were disappointing, there was nothing you could do with the first one we defended the box well and it comes out to Marcus Fraser twenty five yards out and he put it in the top bin and you can’t really defend against that, if he tried it another ten times I doubt if he could again put it where he put it, you just have to hold your hands up but the second one is a bit of slackness, to play a blind pass in our own defensive third, against the quality of players we were playing today, you will get punished and we did. So all round disappointed today but with games coming thick on fast we can turn it around on Tuesday, will go again against Arbroath and hopefully get three points to get us back in the mix.

    I was disappointed with the challenge which saw Craig Malcolm having to be stretchered off, I didn’t think it was necessary for the kind of challenge which was put in and “Malky” is a big player for us, so the game it is what it is, it would be hypocritical of me if I came out here and started slagging people off for making tackles but he definitely caught him in clearing his lines the big man Davies, I thought he had a great game he was excellent but I am not quite sure the follow through was necessary. I don’t think it is a break, but more likely ligament damage we will just have to wait and see how severe the ligament damage is but hopefully a couple of weeks and he will be back, hopefully for the start of the league campaign but I don’t think he will make it in the next fortnight.

    Jim Goodwin

    Jim Goodwin after Final 2nd Leg 

    Sunday, May 21, 2017 5:42:13 PM

    Jim Goodwin after defeat in Play Off final

    Very difficult to put into words, it is definitely the lowest I have felt in my 20 years as a professional and being involved in the game, I can’t remember feeling as bad as this and I have suffered relegation in the past in my career. 

    Devastated for everyone connected to the club, the supporters, the board of directors, but more than anything I am absolutely gutted for the players, they have done so well this season, they have shown how good a team they are today, I felt we gave a better account of ourselves today than we did on Wednesday night, which is obviously pleasing but gutted for the players - they gave me absolutely everything and I couldn’t ask for anymore.

    I think we proved over the season that we were the second best team in the league, being runners up to Livingston, but we knew that counted for nothing going into the Play-Off’s, we knew we had to be at our best on the day. I think we just have to give credit to Brechin City, I don’t want to over analyze the game too much, we were extremely disappointed to lose some of the goals we did today, but I don’t think today is the time to look at those type of things. I would like to congratulate Darren Dods, his back room staff and players and wish them well in the Championship next season.

    The game was a much better spectacle than what Wednesday night’s game was  which could not have been great viewing on BBC ALBA, but tonight was a good advert for our league, I think it was two teams that gave it a right good go, every player out there was dead on their feet at the end, there wasn’t one player who came off who could have given any more but when it goes to penalties it is a lottery at the end of the day, you might as well toss a coin and do away with them, somebody has to miss, I feel gutted for Iain Flannigan he has been a fantastic player for us all season, for that to happen to him, I don’t think he deserved that, but I don’t believe anybody does, fair play to all the players who had the bottle to go and take a penalty, that is a hard thing to do, I’ve been in that position myself and it is very difficult to keep yourself calm, we just have to go again and come back stronger next season it’s as simple as that.

    Nobody in the dressing room said a lot after the game because as you can imagine you could hear a pin drop in the dressing room, the boys are absolutely gutted and I am for them as well, but I did say to them they should try and remember what this feels like, we kind of experienced it at Livingston a few weeks back when they clinched the league, but in fairness to Livingston they deserved to win the league, so we must use this next year and make us stronger and try and make sure we can go and win the league next year and not having to rely on going up through the Play-Off’s. 

    Jim Goodwin

    Jim Goodwin after Final 1st Leg 

    Wednesday, May 17, 2017 7:48:33 PM

    Jim Goodwin after Play-Off Final 1st Leg

    Very disappointing tonight, very similar to last week’s Semi-Final 1st Leg at Airdrie to be honest with you, we didn’t compete well enough, didn’t play well enough, and Brechin City thoroughly deserved their win.

    We just didn’t play well, the only positive we can take is the fact that it is only 1-0, they also had a great opportunity at a corner when they struck the crossbar. We didn’t work their keeper at all, I can’t remember him having a save to make. It’s disappointing, but we have been here before , we know what we are capable of at home and our pitch will allow us to play the type of football we want to play, this pitch up here isn’t conducive to that, we had to change the way we played a bit, by going more direct and I think that played into Brechin’s hands, but I give them great credit they deserved their victory and we will pick ourselves up and go again on Saturday.

    We know we are capable of winning, there is not an issue there at all, we remain positive, we will come in tomorrow night, and we know if we reach the standards we are capable of, we will be fine and win the game, but we have to do the basics better, I thought some of our decision making tonight was poor, but I don’t want to go over the top because it is only half-time, we are only 1-0 down and we know we can do better and they will do better again on Saturday.

    The players are an honest bunch, they know themselves they didn’t reach the standards which we have set at this club, they are hurting just now, but the tie is far from over.

    Jim Goodwin

    Jim Goodwin reaching final 

    Sunday, May 14, 2017 2:40:17 AM

    Jim Goodwin after reaching Play Off Final

    I’m absolutely delighted with the overall performance, we showed great character, we knew we weren’t at the pace or standard we set on Wednesday night and Airdrie deserved to win the game on Wednesday night but I thought today the boys were different class for the majority of the game, Airdrie had their wee spells on the break but without being disrespectful of them I don’t think anybody could argue with the overall outcome to be honest. I know penalties is a bit of a lottery but if you think of the chances we had throughout the match , I think we probably should have put the game to bed before it got to extra time.

    Just so proud of the boys, through my twenty years involved in full-time football I have never come across a bunch of boys and that is not me being disrespectful of a great team we had at St. Mirren when we won the cup, I’ve never known a bunch like this, you couldn’t tell who was the part time team and who was the full time team out there today, their fitness levels are phenomenal, what they do here is train with us two nights a week and it is their responsibility to go and do the rest during the week and I don’t think the majority of the full time boys I have played with don’t even know they are born in comparison the work these lads do, their energy levels are frightening, the substitutions that I made, every single one of them Hetherington, McCluskey and Adam Martin they all made an impact when they came on. Overall you could say it is a bit of relief that we have got through the tie but we are well aware we have done nothing yet, we are not getting carried away, the boys will recover properly they will get their ice baths after the game, be in on Monday night for a massage and then we go again on Wednesday.

    Greig Spence is in there and he is gutted for his miss but if there was any a person in the team you would want the chance to fall to it would have been Greig, but he has been a hero so many times for us this season and without his goals, god only knows where we would be so no he is a fantastic player, he is great around the dressing room and he is very relieved, I’m not sure he would have got out of Alloa tonight if we hadn’t of won that game. The boys were brilliant and great bottle for the lads who stepped up to take the kicks because that’s nervous as well, that takes courage and bravery, wee Calum’s heart must have been racing at the end but if ever there was a guy who you would want to take the last penalty with the quality of the left foot he has, it would have been him, and Neil Parry makes two great saves, but overall I can’t single out any individual, I think our performance was where I expected it to be on Wednesday night and we now have a final to look forward to.

    Brechin City are a good side, well organised any encounter we have had with them has always been a difficult one, but we have played them four times this season, so it is probably better that it is Brechin, because it is easier for me because we know them a lot more than we would have known Raith Rovers. I had been digging out as much footage as I could on Raith Rovers over the last couple of weeks but I am glad it is Brechin, both of us know each other well, we know our strengths and our weakness are and it will make for another great game, so we just need to go and apply ourselves properly to give ourselves every chance, I am confident if we are able to go and replicate our performance of today then we will be fine.

    Jim Goodwin

    Jim Goodwin after 1st leg 

    Wednesday, May 10, 2017 7:03:51 PM

    Jim Goodwin after Play Off Semi final 1st Leg

    We are disappointed to lose any game of course it is disappointing but its only 1-0 at the end of the day, I thought Airdrie were the better team on the night and I’ll give them credit for that, we allowed them far too much time on the ball in the first half and we weren’t able to keep possession well enough which was disappointing, that’s not us, we are a good football team and we like to try and dictate the game but Airdrie were slightly better than us tonight.

    In the second half we gave a much better account of ourselves, it was then a far more even game, from a neutral point of view it was probably a decent spectacle it was quite end to end at times, but we just weren’t able to create any real clear cut opportunities, I don’t think we tested their keeper enough and I thought Airdrie defended really well, we give them credit but it is only half-time. We have been in these situations many times throughout the season when you go a goal down by half-time, in a normal league game you only have 45 minutes to turn it around and we have done that on numerous occasions in the past, we now have another 90 minutes and another hell of a lot of football to be played.

    I think I could count on one hand the amount of games where we have not scored a goal this season, but again I give credit to Airdrie for that I thought they defended really well but we didn’t play to the levels we are capable of, we know we have to do better on Saturday and we will do better. Our big players will do better on Saturday and we are still confident we can get through the tie.

    I don’t want to be too negative about the team they are a fantastic bunch of boys, they give their all every night in training, they never let you down on a match day, but today was an off day for too many but it is just one of those things, the positive aspect for us is it is only 1-0 and we have plenty quality in our team and belief we can turn it around.

    Jim Goodwin

    Jim Goodwin at Peterhead 

    Saturday, May 06, 2017 5:13:12 PM

    Jim Goodwin after Peterhead game

    It’s always disappointing to lose a game, I thought the boys did well, lots of positives we can take from the game, disappointed with the goals we conceded but a great effort from all the lads, it was a good opportunity to give one or two of the lads a run, I thought Adam Martin was excellent, he was a real positive on the day, took his goal really well and probably could have had another one as well but their keeper “Smudger” makes a great save. It was a good game especially from a neutral point of view, it was quite end to end and fair play to Peterhead they had to go and get the result to stay in the league and I’m sure Jim and all his staff and players will be delighted and breathe a huge sigh of relief I would imagine.

    We have made changes in our last two or three games so don’t read anything into the fact we played a weakened team, we haven’t we made a number of changes in our last two games against Stranraer and Airdrie, but we go into every game looking to win, I have a very good squad so the changes I make don’t really effect the overall performance of the team, but we are disappointed today not come away with at least a point to be honest with you, when I look at the manner of the goals, I look at the free kick which was given at the third goal, it was a strange decision. Sometimes you get them and sometimes you don’t and thankfully today wasn’t a day when the result was hugely significant for us because if it was I would possibly have a little bit more to say on one or two of the decisions which went against us.

    We are looking forward to the Play-Off Semi-finals now, the boys are really excited and I am delighted now to know who we are finally to meet, Airdrie are a great side a really good team a good attacking team, we know where their dangers are the threat that they have going forward, but we are very confident, we have great belief among the team and the players and we have beaten them a couple of times this season, so we now look forward to Wednesday. Having known we were in the play-off’s three games ago, it has been my job to keep them motivated and make sure the standards don’t drop and gladly they haven’t, they are a great bunch of players and I can’t speak more highly of them, but disappointed to lose the last league game of the season because I don’t think we deserved to lose it but we will pick ourselves up because next week will be all important with two huge games coming up and it’s important that we are in the final.

    Jim Goodwin

    Jim Goodwin after late winner 

    Sunday, April 30, 2017 6:21:49 PM

    Jim Goodwin after late winner v. Stranraer

    Another good win, that three back to back and two clean sheets as well, so delighted, especially with the second half performance, we were really poor in the first half, I would need to credit to Stranraer who I felt were the better team in the first half. Neil Parry made a brilliant save from Michael Donald header at 0-0 and it proves to be vital in the end, but the boys were much better in the second half, we passed the ball better and looked very dangerous on the break, delighted also for young Adam Martin who came on, a young boy who has come through the academy at the club, he is hopefully only one of the young players coming through the academy system and he is one we have great hopes for, he has great potential, he showed it against Brechin City when we won 6-1 and does great for our goal today, stands off the full back, a jink off the shoulder and a pin point cross for Kevin Cawley to head in the winning goal, Adam is still only 18 but he is only one of two or three players who are progressing through the Academy at present which is good for the club and they are all champing at the bit to be given an opportunity.

    Defensively I thought we were great we looked solid, but our frustrations at half-time were due to how sloppy we were in possession - it looked as if Stranraer had something to play for and we didn’t, that’s the impression I got in the first -half . We made a wee change tactically at the start of the second half and demanded a little bit more from each other and you could see that in the second half. Defensively I have to give credit to my two centre backs, defenders and Neil Parry with two back to back clean sheets, at a very important time of the season.

    At this stage of the season it is all about keeping the momentum going until the play-off’s, next Saturday we go up to Peterhead and we will go up there and try to win it, trying to keep the confidence high. Delighted for Jordan Kirkpatrick to be nominated in four players short listed for “Player of the Year” for Ladbrokes League One, sixteen goals from midfield is great at any level, there is no doubt “Kirky” has been a fantastic player for us, he can be a match winner on any day, he has scored some important goals for the club, and when Jordan plays well, we tend to play well at the same time. Brilliant for “Holmer” to make his 200 first team start for the team today, in this day and age you don’t always get that type of loyalty from players.

    Jim Goodwin


    Jim Goodwin at Airdrie 

    Saturday, April 22, 2017 5:47:43 PM

    Jim Goodwin at Airdrie

    Delighted with the victory, it keeps the momentum going, keeps the confidence up and delighted with the overall performance to be honest. It would have been very easy to drop standards and everything else, before we know in our position after securing second place in the league last week, but the boys are great professionals and a great bunch and it still means an awful lot to them to go and win games, they take pride in what they do and they showed that today.

    Momentum is the most important thing, we know that finishing second doesn’t guarantee you anything and nobody will remember that next year unless we do actually go up, so I keep reiterating that message time and time again “That we haven’t achieved anything yet” we take pride in finishing runners up to Livingston but at the same time our ambition and aim at the start of the season was promotion, so that is still where we need to be, but the boys were terrific today, the 1-0 today is as pleasing as the 6-1 victory last week, because of the way we defended as a team collectively today, we knew where Airdrie’s dangers would come from and our boys stuck to our game plan and denied them space in behind, defended the box really well and we looked dangerous on the break at times.

    Today I had the luxury of being able to tinker with the team and the system and I was able to take three key players out from last week and put three different boys in and the level of performance never dropped and that’s a really good position for to be in.

    Jim Goodwin


    Jim Goodwin at Livingston 

    Saturday, April 08, 2017 6:02:38 PM

    Jim Goodwin at Livingston

    Great credit has to go to Livingston today, for winning the league, in the first four or five minutes it could have been so different today, we hit the post twice at 0-0 and then Livingston take the lead when Scott Pittman scores a screamer from 35 yards, there is not a lot you can do about that. We started well but after the first ten minutes we didn’t contribute much, I thought Livingston deserved to win the game and congratulations to them.

    Prior to today we had went ten games unbeaten, so the boys were on a great run, they are feeling a bit down in the dressing room just now - listening to the music coming along the corridor with the Livingston boys celebrating, but we can use that as a bit of fuel to drive us on and make sure we finish the season off properly and go into the play-offs with a bit of momentum.

    We are sitting second in the table, seven points ahead of the team in third position in Airdrieonians, Livingston were always going to be the team to beat in this division, they are a full time team with a much bigger budget than everyone else and they have deserved to win the league, all credit goes to them but my boys have tried to stay with them all the way but unfortunately towards the end we didn’t find enough but fair play to Livingston, they went and got the job done today. We would have liked to have delayed the celebrations if we could, but it wasn’t to be which is great credit to David Hopkin and his backroom staff his players and we wish them well.

    Jordan Kirkpatrick went off because he had a wee niggle in his groin, that is a huge concern, because he is a massive player for us, Frank McKeown pulled up in training in midweek with a calf strain and Iain Flannigan turned his back, so we were missing some key players today, I thought the boys who came in did fine. The main thing now for us at this stage is not to risk players that’s why we took “Kirky” off, we want to make sure firstly we clinch our place in the play-offs and then make sure we will have our best players available when we need them. We will look to bounce back next week.

    Jim Goodwin

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