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    Jim Goodwin after home defeat 

    Tuesday, March 13, 2018 8:57:50 PM

    Jim Goodwin after home defeat from East Fife

    Very disappointed, I didn’t think there was a great deal in the game, I didn’t think either team did a great deal to win the game, the goals were poor from our point of view, we should have dealt with the first goal better at the near post area from the corner, the second goal, albeit a fantastic finish from Chris Duggan but really poor defensively from our point of view, how he got past three of our defenders is beyond me. It is what it is, we threw everything at them in the last fifteen minutes but unfortunately we didn’t quite get the break in the box.

    I’m not one for slagging off officials, I spoke to the referee afterwards and my opinion was “That it was a very soft red card”. I fully expected a yellow, I thought Garry Fleming was a wee bit frustrated, the ball was in the middle of the pitch, it was a trip, not a malicious tackle, he didn’t even catch the guy, I would understand if he had caught him high up the leg or something, that would warrant a red card, but it definitely wasn’t a red card, so hopefully we have good footage of that and we might be able to appeal?

    We now have big games coming up with a double header against Airdrie on Saturday and then again on Tuesday  and we certainly would not want to lose him albeit we have guys in the squad who could come in, there is not an issue there but at the same time I don’t want to lose a player if it is not justified.

    We will go again on Saturday, there is no issue with team spirit, I think tonight was a game which probably deserved to end in a draw, it was a great finish for the winning goal but I don’t think there was a great deal between the teams. We are quite fortunate with the cushion we have between ourselves and teams around us, East Fife are six points behind having played one game more, Stranraer are seven points behind having also played one game more, Airdrie aren’t out of it either. We feel tonight we have allowed East Fife back in the race for a Play-Off spot and I have just reminded the players of last season when Brechin City came with a last minute run and you know where it led to, they were nowhere near 4th place. So I don’t want our lads sitting in a comfort zone thinking that we are good for a Play-Off place, but there is still a lot of football still to be played, there are 8 games left and we have to play every one of them now like a Cup Final if we are to clinch a Play-Off position at the end of this season.

    Jim Goodwin


    Jim Goodwin at Hampden Park 

    Saturday, March 10, 2018 4:36:23 PM

    Jim Goodwin after victory at Hampden Park

    Obviously delighted to win the game, especially after the good performance against Arbroath in midweek it was important that we followed that up, the three points is the most important thing, in the first half I didn’t think there was a great deal in the game I always knew there was more to come from us, unfortunately it took going behind before we got going again. Once again great character from the lads having gone the goal down and then getting that reaction, there were three fantastic goals in the game - the goal that the boy Keena scores for Queen’s Park was an absolute worldly and you could try it another nine or ten times and he wouldn’t be able to do what you had done, so fair play to him.

    The most pleasing thing for me was our reaction to going behind, and Callum Crane soon got us right back in the game with a terrific shot into the bottom right hand corner of their net, and then Jordan Kirkpatrick with a wee bit of brilliance in the middle of the park to get away from two or three Queen’s Park defenders and my view was right behind it as soon as it left his foot I knew it was going in, I was delighted for him as well as I know he has been a little frustrated with not being able to get back on the score sheet since he returned to the club but he has played a big part up till now since he came back in January but I know he wants more goals which hopefully that will be the start of that.

    I made the four changes in the side from midweek because I am in a position that I have a good squad and we have seven games in March so I am trying to manage the squad as best as I can, Stevie Hetherington didn’t train on Thursday after the midweek game he had a niggle with his calf and toe, so I didn’t want to risk him, but really tried to freshen things up and I think when I have the type of squad at my disposal it would be silly not to do that. I don’t think the changes effected the overall performance, I am confident the changes I make will be like for like but when we went back to our normal 4-3-2-1 in the second half  the boys looked a lot more comfortable.

    With nine games left we must concentrate on our own job and try not to worry about Stranraer, Airdrie or East Fife or any other team around us, but just concentrate fully on what we can control which started today against Queen’s Park and in midweek against East Fife a team we always have a difficult tussle they always give us a tough game and they have beaten us twice already this season, so we will look to continue our winning run but we have a lot of huge games coming up, after the East Fife midweek game we have a double header against Airdrieonians on Saturday and then again on the Tuesday but we want to focus fully on East Fife game this Tuesday just now, the boys will recover well Sunday, Monday and then hopefully we will have a fully fit squad to go again on Tuesday and I will make changes again, I have spoke about this to the players already to be fair to them as well but I will freshen things up again on Tuesday night.

    Jim Goodwin

    Jim Goodwin after victory over Arbroath 

    Wednesday, March 07, 2018 3:45:50 PM

    Jim Goodwin after victory over Arbroath

    I couldn’t have been any happier at half-time to be honest with you and I think if we had came in, without being disrespectful to Arbroath, if we had came in seven nil up at half-time there couldn’t have been too many arguments, Scott Taggart has one cleared off the line and there were another couple of chances as well. I was over the moon at how we started the game, we spoke about that before the game, and how we have been slow from the first minute, but today I felt we were on the front foot from the beginning of the game and being 3-0 up after fifteen minutes, the quality of the goals as well as the football was really pleasing on the eye.

    The second half we didn’t play to that standard again, it’s the old cliché of goals changing games, we were 4-1 comfortable in the lead before we lost a goal when the ball went through big Neil Parry’s legs, these things happen, Big Neil, in my opinion is the best goalkeeper in the league, we are very lucky to have him but unfortunately that goal goes in and it causes a little bit of tension if you like around the place and we just kind of lost our way for ten minutes after that but again we played ourselves back into the game, I felt we did that and had another couple of great chances, their goalkeeper David Hutton made a couple of fantastic saves firstly from Jordan Kirkpatrick which he tipped over the bar and the header from Ross Stewart which he saved with his feet - we could have scored more goals, I made that challenge to the boys prior to the game, defensively we have been outstanding this season, we have the second best defensive record in the league but we have been falling short in front of goal and I felt with the quality of players we have and have brought to the club in January as well we should be putting teams to the sword more than what we have been and I think against a team as well organised as Arbroath and are doing as well, for us to go and score five goals against them is absolutely fantastic. I’m delighted for the boys up front but we could have been a bit better in the second half, I thought we could have managed the game better but if you had offered me five goals and three points before the game I would have bitten the hand of you.

    Delighted for Ross to get his first ever hat-trick he is a fantastic talent, a player I have a lot of time for, he is a great boy as well with a good attitude loves the game and it wasn’t that long ago he was playing junior football he got his opportunity with Albion Rovers where he caught the eye, it has been well documented that I tried to get him but as soon as a full-time club came in for him you expect the boy to take that opportunity. I still think there is more to come from him, he leads the line well but he is not just a target man, he is very mobile for a big boy he has great feet and he has an eye for goal, long may that continue we have a busy period coming up now so it is a great time for us to start scoring goals like that.

    Garry Fleming scored his first goal for the club with a brilliant penalty, he struck it really well, really pleased for “Gazz” he has been very consistent for us over the last couple of months but I am delighted for the whole team I don’t like singling out players - Ross Stewart will get all the plaudits in the press and deservedly so but Callum Crane, Jamie McCart were fantastic, I thought Iain Flannigan made a difference when he came on as well, everybody contributed and we will take a lot of confidence from the game and have another great game on Saturday to look forward to against Queen’s Park, everybody loves going to Hampden Park so the boys will look forward to that one and I will have a problem picking a team now!

    Special night for Kevin Cawley making his 250th first team appearance, Kevin is a great professional, I was very fortunate when I took over the job with the kind of characters in the dressing room - likes of Kevin Cawley, Iain Flannigan, even Graeme Holmes who has now left, these were boys at this club prior to me coming, Kevin had left previously but it shows how we try to do things at this club that we were able to encourage him back and for Kevin to do 250 games with any club these days is a great achievement and listen he has got another 100 in the bag if he wants because he is like the “energizer bunny” he just never stops running and he doesn’t look like he is ever going to get old he is like “Peter Pan” so we are delighted to have him and I know other managers, which I won’t name who would love to have him as well, we are very lucky to have him and we could all do with more “Kevin Cawleys”. 

    Jim Goodwin

    Jim Goodwin after 1-0 defeat  

    Saturday, February 24, 2018 7:05:19 PM

    Jim Goodwin after 1-0 defeat at Stair Park

    We lost the game in the first half it is simple as that, we pinned them back in the second half threw everything at them, but I think we could still be playing there for another hour and nothing would drop. We had a goal chalked off for offside, I can’t quite understand it, a shout for a penalty a blatant hand ball in the box but it just wasn’t our day, and we had plenty of opportunities in the second half but conceded a poor goal in the first half, we should not have conceded that goal, at worst we should be going down the road today with a 0-0 scoreline. Neil Parry has had very little to do all afternoon and to concede that goal the way we did is really disappointing to be honest with you, for as well as we have played and defended up till now and I thought we were defending well at the period we lost today’s goal, but the boy shouldn’t be able to score from there, we will watch it back but bitterly disappointed.

    The second half we changed the shape, we went two up and then we went three up and we threw everything at them but nothing would fall for us in and around the box, we had a number of opportunities but we just couldn’t get a goal to get us back in the game because I felt if we had got the equaliser we would have went on to win the game but Stranraer were time wasting from about half an hour to go, it was embarrassing I don’t know how the referee didn’t add on about eight or nine minutes at the end, it was so frustrating from our point of view - there was one team looking to go and win the game and another just hanging on by a thread.

    It was a big game, it was an opportunity for us to create a big gap between us and Stranraer, albeit we still have two games in hand to them, and it was a missed opportunity - up front at the moment we are just not doing enough to get the goals that we vitally need. At their goal the guy does a couple of step overs but he really didn’t do anything to beat anyone, I don’t think we got close enough when he hits it and Neil will be disappointed getting beaten at his near post, but the big man has been excellent, he is the best goalkeeper in the league but we got punished today. It was also a bad time right on stroke of half-time, if we had got in at half-time, having played as badly as we had in the first half, I would have been pleased.

    The second half I can’t fault the players effort, they did absolutely everything they could to try and unlock their defence, we just couldn’t in the end, we just lacked that wee bit of something to get us back in the game. We now have a game on Tuesday night against Airdrieonians so it will be important to try and freshen things up, we have big games coming up with Tuesday / Saturday / Tuesday now, three huge games and hopefully we can get back to winning ways.

    Jim Goodwin


    Jim Goodwin at Gayfield 

    Saturday, February 17, 2018 5:55:44 PM

    Jim Goodwin at Gayfield

    We were missing some key players today, four from the starting eleven from last week - Jamie McCart & Ross Stewart through injury, Stevie Hetherington through suspension and Kevin Cawley who was attending a funeral in Donegal, but the boys that came in done great, I’m really proud of their effort and commitment the players put in, but the game as far as a spectacle goes, I thought the game was terrible. I don’t think we could take many positives from going forward the conditions didn’t allow that, bobbly pitch, the ball spend more time in the air than it did on the deck so from that point of view it wasn’t a great game but plenty of positives we can take from it - a clean sheet obviously, the way that the players defended, how resilient we were, the togetherness particularly when we went down to ten men. Very harshly I felt as well, knowing Callum for as long as I have he is not a nasty player, he is not a dirty player, I think it was just the case of the ball getting away from him, I fully expected the referee to book him because it was a mistimed tackle but I don’t think it was overly dangerous, I don’t think it was malicious and that’s one we will look out and see if we can get some footage from the game and see if there is any case for an appeal.

    You only tend to get one camera at the game so it depends how many bodies are in the way but I thought the referee on that occasion wouldn’t see it as a red card , I thought a yellow card would have been fair, their bench and players said the same, there wasn’t really a bad tackle in the game it wasn’t that type of game, Callum had the ball under control at one point and it got toed away from him and he has just lunged to make the tackle, so we were disappointed with that and hopefully we will see because of our players missing today we can’t afford to be missing Callum two games through suspension. If we can appeal it and there are grounds for it, we will, if not what can we do?

    There was not a lot of chances in the game which I think goes back to the fact it wasn’t a great game of football, I don’t think there will be too many fans will remember this game in a great light , conditions didn’t allow it and the best opportunity was when Kris Renton headed a great ball in from “Flanny” a good header of the bar and they probably had an opportunity at the end of the game when we were down to ten men and Ryan Wallace had the final chance of the game but for both teams probably a draw was a fair result. Really pleased with another clean sheet our defensive record has been excellent this season and hopefully now we can add a bit of quality in our forward play in the coming weeks and score some goals as well and get these wins which we need.

    Jim Goodwin


    Jim Goodwin after victory over Forfar 

    Saturday, February 10, 2018 2:21:22 PM

    Jim Goodwin after victory over Forfar Athletic

    Delighted with the result obviously but I felt we could have played better in the last twenty five minutes, we had two great opportunities to go and put the game to bed in the second half which would have made life a whole lot easier for ourselves. It wasn’t to be, we couldn’t get that second goal to kill the game off and in fairness to Forfar Athletic they kept going and I imagine Jim Weir and his players will be disappointed not to take something from the game.

    I thought we defended really well for the amount of possession Forfar had in the second half they never really tested my goalkeeper, I thought my two centre halves, Andy and Jamie got their heads on everything played into the box as did Callum Crane and Scott Taggart - just delighted to get the win really.

    We jump up a place in the league with Arbroath not playing which is pleasing, it was a really solid performance today and we did that down at Somerset Park against Ayr United last week - playing well in the first half and having to be resilient in the second half and that is what it was like in the last twenty five minutes of today’s game. Forfar started the game really well, Neil Parry made two great saves in particular the one he touches onto the bar and that’s the way it needs to be. It takes everybody to do their jobs in defence and up top and I felt if we had been a bit more ruthless and clinical up front in the final third today then we should have scored more goals.

    Jim Goodwin

    Manager after victory v. Ayr Utd 

    Saturday, February 03, 2018 5:12:43 PM

    Jim Goodwin at Somerset Park, Ayr

    It was a great result, first half I thought it was a very good game both teams played alright, the character we showed after going behind, in a game in which I thought we started the better team, they had a couple of attacks where they looked dangerous but the reaction after going a goal behind was really pleasing. The second half we were a little bit under the cosh for the majority of the second half and I think Ayr United will feel aggrieved for not nicking an equaliser, but my players for everything they put into the game and how they went about it they deserved the win.

    We knew what we had to do before the game and we spoke about how we would need to go and get at them, we felt we had players in our forward areas that could hurt them and I think that showed in the first half. They are a great bunch of boys they really are they never ever throw the towel in, their great energy levels right until the end, I’m really please because we had been stung by them getting a late winner at our place and they had the late equaliser down here when we were winning 3-2, so we maybe rode our luck in the second half but I think from the previous two games we deserved that bit of luck today.

    We were playing against a full-time team here and our energy levels and fitness levels are absolutely brilliant, that’s full credit to my players we only get them on a Tuesday and Thursday night for two hours a night we do as much as we can with them but it is their responsibility to keep on top of their fitness during the week - they are a great bunch of professionals. I know it puts us back into fourth in the table but honestly even when we were sitting in third I don’t really care just now it will go right to the wire, Brechin City showed that last season, nobody is out of it we just have to concentrate, I know it is an old cliché but we just need to concentrate on our own job that’s all we can control and if we go about games in the manner we did today, defensively we were brilliant today, which we were against Raith Rovers last week, against a good attacking team and gained a clean sheet, we are starting to look like a team again and putting results together which is pleasing.

    Jim Goodwin

    Jim Goodwin after draw v. Raith Rovers 

    Saturday, January 27, 2018 5:27:40 PM

    Jim Goodwin after draw against Raith Rovers

    We go into every game looking to win them, but I am well aware of how good a side Raith Rovers are, I thought we defended really well all day, with the likes of Spence, Buchanan and Vaughan they have 30 odd league goals between them, so we did make a point of marshalling them properly then we would give ourselves an opportunity. Defensively, I thought we were excellent, as a group from big Kris Renton right back through the team - Neil Parry made a good save in the first half with a header but going forward I thought we just lacked a wee bit of creativity things were just not quite coming off, picking the wrong pass at the wrong time, decision making and sharpness at that area of the pitch wasn’t quite there, but at the same time we still had plenty of positives. We had Jordan Kirkpatrick who had their keeper making a great save in the first half, wee Kevin Cawley had a good chance, probably comes to him a little too quick for him at the end of the match with a header just to nick it but overall I think the draw was probably fair - I don’t remember Neil Parry or Aaron Lennox in their goal having too many saves to make, so a draw over the match was probably a fair result but we are never happy with a draw.

    The main thing was the fact we nullified their attack, it is hard to remember any clear cut chance they had, we know Greig Spence very well and we know the quality he possesses in the box, he is that type of boy who doesn’t look interested in the game and all of a sudden he comes alive in the box - so I thought Jamie McCart and Andy Graham were excellent against Buchanan & Spence today and Lewis Vaughan is a big player for them as well. Our back four were brilliant, Garry Fleming and Stevie Hetherington in the middle of the park, “Gaz” in particular was excellent he covered every blade of grass out there and made some important tackles in and around the box and stopped some really good counter attacks. If we could take the positives from the defensive side of our performances and in the coming weeks sharpen up a little bit at the top end we will be absolutely fine.

    The gap between ourselves and Raith Rovers and Ayr United at the moment is quite big and we would probably need these two to have a total collapse but we certainly will never throw the towel in, we have a couple of games in hand and we know if we win them, albeit not easy games against Airdrie and Arbroath, it will push us in the right area, we have to keep going and focus on our own job in hand and not concentrate on the table too much at this time, Stranraer are currently on a great run and they seem to be able to find the correct results at the moment but we know it will go right till the wire, we were in this position last year we know nothing is decided in January, we will focus on what we are doing and concentrate on the high standards we have set.

    Jim Goodwin

    Jim Goodwin after Cup Exit 

    Sunday, January 21, 2018 2:27:06 PM

    Jim Goodwin after Scottish Cup exit

    Up until losing the goal on the stroke of half-half, I thought we had done great; the game plan was working to a T. We nearly got off to the dream start when Jordan Kirkpatrick almost notched one in from a couple of yards out. I’m really proud of the players to be honest with you they gave absolutely everything; I thought they made it very difficult for Dundee United this afternoon and our team talk was all geared up for coming in at half-time at 0-0. The set play was disappointing; we are normally very good defensively at them but Andy Graham gets blocked in the build up to it and that’s why Mark Durnan ends up with a free header at the back post.

    We never lost belief it was all very positive at half-time, I felt we were comfortable, although we were allowing Dundee United to build from the back we felt we were closing all the gaps for them, they had a lot of possession but it was mainly in front of us. Neil Parry up until the corner kick, I think he had one save from a free kick and even in the second half he made one good save with his feet other than that they scored from a corner in the last minute of the first half and scored a deflected goal for the second. We are disappointed because I really felt it was a good opportunity for us today, Dundee United were coming into the game not on a great run of form, so we felt if we got at them and pressed them high up the pitch then we could possibly make it a nervy afternoon for them, if we had got that first goal I would like to have seen how the game would have went then.

    Dundee United are a good side they have some very good players with good experience as well, I have to give them credit for the way they try to play, they very rarely play long balls and look to play out from the back, but the bottom line is Dundee United are in the hat for the next round and we are not so good luck to them.

    Jim Goodwin

    Jim Goodwin at Methil 

    Saturday, January 13, 2018 7:19:13 PM

    Jim Goodwin at Methil

    I thought we started the game really bright, we were the better team in the opening twenty five minutes but after that we seemed to stop playing, and we finished the first half really poorly and never got going in the second half. We did great to get ourselves back in the game getting it back to 1-1 but then to concede so early after was really disappointing.

    It was an off day for us, the lads have been excellent for the last three months it is only our third defeat in twelve games, so we have been on a decent run but unfortunately today too many players were below par and I thought East Fife were deserved winners in the end.

    We should have been a couple of goals up in the first half in the first 20 minutes their keeper made a great save from Kevin Cawley and we had other opportunities as well but it is fine lines and fine margins every week in this division - the first goal is so important. In fairness we never panicked at half-time we have been a goal down in our last three games and always managed to fight our way back to gain something. I knew the character was there and the players would keep going and again today after getting ourselves back in the game we were thinking we could take the game to them but then losing another goal, which was a poor goal to lose, the defending was poor but we didn’t defend well all afternoon especially in the last hour of the game and that’s not like us usually we are quite solid and we have been up till lately but these things happen it is certainly not a day to go over the top, we were just edged out by the odd goal, we just need to pick ourselves up we have another extremely difficult game coming up next Saturday in the Scottish Cup against Dundee United, it’s a bit of a freebie I suppose with not many people giving us a chance but we believe if we play to the standards we are capable of we can give them a good game.

    Jim Goodwin

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