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  • Kevin McDonald pleases fans 

    Sunday, October 17, 2010 12:53:39 PM

    Kevin McDonald on his return to Airdrie

    It was always going to be nice coming back here and obviously I was expecting the reception I got from the Airdrie fans, however it was a good result and the three points are more important than me coming back to my old ground. I should have scored earlier in the game but their goal keeper stuck his leg up and blocked the effort, but obviously setting the goal up and being involved in the goal, a little bit of emotion came out but obviously the goal was more important for us than me setting the goal up. Coming back to your old club is always going to be nice! I wasn’t expecting a nice reception because I never got one when I played here previously which added an extra bit of spice to it. Three points were massive today and just delighted to win the game. When I was at Airdrie we ended up getting relegated a few times – but I started over 150 games for them so I must have been doing something right to play that many games. Maybe I was a bit of a scapegoat at times – I was an easy target and when things don’t go well my style of play did not please the fans but I have moved on now and made a fresh start which everyone needs at times in their career – I have got one with Alloa and the management have been brilliant and they have given me great belief in my game, we have a great bunch of guys at Recreation Park and we look forward to having a good season. When I was at Airdrie I played deeper in a more defensive role – at Alloa I have been encouraged to get forward and get into the box far more often and this has resulted in me having scored 5 goals already this season. Scoring goals gives players more confidence and lets fans see your name which can only be good when you move to a new club. At Airdrie the fans are known for their aggressive manner there are a lot of young boys here and hopefully they will get behind their team but it’s not nice when your own fans boo you. Everybody is going to give the ball away and make mistakes, but it’s how you bounce back from them that counts, however the fans seem to be a little bit harsh at times but they are entitled to their opinion and I am sure they enjoyed having a go at me again today. Next week we have another massive game against Ayr United at Somerset Park and we will look to go there and again improve on our away form which is going to be so crucial come the end of the season.

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    McDonald enjoys return to Airdrie,celebrating with fans



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