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    Oban Tournament  

    Monday, June 27, 2011 5:41:56 PM

    Oban Saints Keyline Challenge Cup Tournament details - Mossfield Stadium, Saturday 9th July, Kick-Off 11am. Teams taking part Dundee United (Holders), Hearts, Hamilton Accies, St.Johnstone, Alloa Athletic and Oban Saints. Admission £ 4which includes a numbered programme for a bottle of whisky.

    11.00  Oban Saints      v. St. Johnstone          Pitch One

    11.00  Hearts               v. Hamilton Accies     Pitch Two

    11.40  Alloa Athletic     v. Dundee United      Pitch One

    11.40  Oban Saints       v. Hearts                  Pitch Two

    12.20   Hamilton Accies v.  Alloa Athletic     Pitch One

    12.20   Dundee Utd       v.  St. Johnstone     Pitch Two

    13.00   Hamilton Accies  v.  Oban Saints     Pitch One

    13.00    St. Johnstone   v.   Alloa Athletic    Pitch Two

    13.40    Dundee Utd     v.   Hearts              Pitch One

    13.40    Hamilton Accies v. St. Johnstone    Pitch Two

    14.20   Alloa Athletic      v.   Hearts            Pitch One

    14.20    Oban Saints       v.   Dundee Utd   Pitch Two

    15.00     Hearts               v.  St. Johnstone  Pitch One

    15.00     Alloa Athletic    v.  Oban Saints    Pitch Two

    15.40     Dundee Utd      v.   Hamiton Accies  Pitch One

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