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    One Year Old 

    Tuesday, June 21, 2011 6:02:06 PM

    The Wasp Community Club has now been up and running for one successful
    year. The Club, which now has over 250 members signed up and has ambitious plans for the future. The club intends to continue to recruit both players and coaches and to have teams at all age groups. The Club philosophy continues to be that all who want to play football should be given the opportunity, irrespective of ability. Every effort will be made to ensure this happens. At the same time the Club wants to expand its excellence programme to provide additional training for more able players and will be looking to enter more tournaments and friendlies to give these players additional experience. As a way to say thank you to all Club members the club held a “finals day” on Saturday 18th June at Recreation Park. The finals day was to celebrate the success of the first year and to thank all the members for their ongoing support and participation. All players, parents and coaches were invited along for lots of games and competitions.

    Community Teams
    Every club member received a medal for their efforts over the season presented by Paul Hartley the new Alloa Athletic Player/manager. It was a
    highly successful day, the rain held off, and a large turnout of both players and parents attended the event. The Community Club are looking to recruit players at all ages for next season. Paul Hartley was very impressed with both the turnout and the enthusiasm of all the players. Paul said "This is exactly what we want to achieve at a Club like Alloa and Community involvement is something we want to promote. The management team at Alloa Athletic are committed to helping the Community Club in every way possible and we would like to help develop a player development pathway that suits all ages and abilities. If Alloa Athletic can recruit any local talent, then so much the better. I'd rather they were playing here than at some other senior club"

    Managers Corner