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    Fyvie to miss rest of season 

    Saturday, August 28, 2010 4:22:31 AM

    Aberdeen midfielder Fraser Fyvie will miss the rest of the season due to injury.

    The 17-year-old has suffered cruciate ligament damage after catching his studs in the artificial turf at Recreation Park, Alloa, in Tuesday’s 3-0 League Cup win for the Dons.

    The Scotland under-19 international, who was attracting the interest of Premier League clubs Fulham, Blackburn and Wigan in the summer, will require surgery and faces a lengthy rehabilitation after the devastating injury.

    His manager Mark McGhee said: “It is a massive blow for Fraser and the club. We will be doing everything we possibly can to ensure Fraser is given the appropriate time and care to make a full recovery.

    Mark McGhee at Recreation Park

    “He will be under no pressure whatsoever in terms of his rehabilitation to make an early return.

    “In light of his age, it’s more important Fraser only returns to play when he has fully recovered.”

    McGhee believes the severity of the injury again highlights why artificial surfaces are not suitable for professional football matches.

    He said: “When you draw a team with an artificial pitch you should have the option to switch it. If one of these teams gets through to meet one of the Old Firm, they would be up in arms about it.

    “There would be a media storm, but we deserved the same consideration.

    “Peter Pawlett was not injured, but he could not play on that surface. Right away that puts us at a disadvantage because we are without one of our key players through no fault of our own.”

    Article from Press & Journal, Aberdeen

    Alex Smith - Aberdeen FC


    I have a lot of sympathy for Aberdeen manager Mark McGhee following his criticism of the artificial pitch at Alloa’s Recreation Park. The Dons manager lost four players to injury in Tuesday’s League Cup tie and he is convinced the playing surface was to blame. If Fraser Fyvie’s injury had happened to an Old Firm player and either Walter Smith or Neil Lennon had lambasted the pitch as McGhee did, then I am sure the furore would still be back page news today. If the Aberdeen manager really believes the pitch was the root cause then he should urge the SPL, SFL and SFA to get together and decide whether games should be played on them.
    As it stands we have the nonsensical situation where SPL clubs cannot have an artificial pitch yet SFL clubs can, meaning top flight clubs can be forced to play on them in cup competitions.
    If there is a problem with them then let’s discuss it properly. Take it up with the proper authorities and make sure these surfaces are suitable and not worn out by overuse.
    When the ‘plastic’ pitch first came out it was a poor surface, but the quality has improved drastically since then, although I still believe we have a bit to go before we get unanimous approval from managers.
    Clubs like Alloa and Airdrie United can rightly argue Uefa now recognise the current artificial surfaces as being suitable for Champions League games so why not in the Second Division?
    I know for a fact Alloa and Stenhousemuir are far better off financially as a result of investing in the surface at Recreation Park and will be in no rush to rip up the surface and lose valuable revenue.
    With Scottish football struggling economically the last thing I want to see is clubs losing valuable revenue streams which is why educating players and managers of the do’s and dont’s may be the answer.
    I was interested to hear Alloa’s Allan Maitland say Fyvie caused himself the injury by wearing blades rather than the traditional studs or moulded boots.
    I am no lover of bladed football boots, but surely someone somewhere must be able to advise on the current footwear which should be worn on these surfaces.
    Fraser Fyvie is a young man Aberdeen regard as a prized possession and other clubs have their assets they want to protect. For the sake of our game, let’s make sure we are not putting livelihoods and careers in danger.Alex Smith comments also from Press & Journal, Aberdeen



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