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    Update to Cup Tie 

    Saturday, January 09, 2010 4:33:39 AM

    Todays Active Nation Scottish Cup 4th Round tie against St.Mirren on Saturday 9th January, 2010 will be all ticket, tickets will be available to Alloa Athletic supporters from the Away Ticket Office at the Stadium from 1pm until kick-off on the day of the match, today. The turnstiles at St.Mirren Park have card readers so a ticket is required to enter the ground. Following a meeting with the Police the Alloa Athletic supporters will now be in the North Stand (Away)  and should enter through turnstiles 17 - 20. Ticket prices are for Adults £ 15, £ 8 for concessions and £ 5 for Children. The Ticket Office is very close to turnstiles so Alloa fans can buy a ticket and then enter at same area through turnstiles.

    Directions to St Mirren Park, Greenhill Road, Paisley PA3 1RU:

    From the M8 after Glasgow Airport (J28a) take the middle lane and come off at J29 following signs for ‘Paisley A726’ initially then follow signs for football traffic (third set of lights after leaving the motorway). The stadium is only a mile from Junction 29.

    Parking for Alloa Buses
    Clark Street (north side)

    Enter Clark Street at Greenhill Road – BEFORE LOW BRIDGE

    Parking for Alloa fans cars
    Check the No Waiting/Parking restrictions on ALL streets

    MacFarlane Street (North side)

    Clark Street(South side between MacKean St.& Greenock Rd)

    MacKean Street (West side)

    Ferguslie Park Avenue (beyond stadium perimeter)

    Alterntively there is a Park & Ride Facility for £4 at Airparks, Linwood with drop off and pick ups at the stadium.

    If the match is postponed the re-scheduled fixture would take place on Tuesday 19th January at St.Mirren Park, Paisley Kick-off 7.45pm. If there is need for a replay if the first match is drawn the replay would take place on Tuesday 19th January, 2010 at Recreation Park, Alloa kick-off 7.45pm.

    Alloa Athletic Previous results against St. Mirren

    Season 2002/03 – Scottish League Division One
    10th May, 2003 Alloa Athletic 4 (Sloan 2, Seaton, Hutchison) St. Mirren 0
    8th Feb, 2003 St. Mirren 1 Alloa Athletic 1 (Hamilton)
    14th Dec, 2002 Alloa Athletic 2 (Crabbe, Thomson) St. Mirren 3
    17th Aug, 2002 St. Mirren 3 Alloa Athletic 1 (Crabbe)

    Season 1975/76 – Spring Cup Quarter Finals
    17th April, 1976 Alloa Athletic 1 St. Mirren 4
    14th April, 1976 St. Mirren 3 Alloa Athletic 0

    Season 1974/75 – Scottish Division Two
    15th March, 1975 St. Mirren 5 Alloa Athletic 1
    9th Nov, 1974 Alloa Athletic 3 St. Mirren 1

    Season 1973/74 – Scottish Division Two
    6th April, 1974 St. Mirren 0 Alloa Athletic 1 (Adams)
    2nd April, 1974 Alloa Athletic 3 (Simpson 2, Wilson) St. Mirren 1

    Season 1972/73 – Scottish Division Two
    17th March, 1973 St. Mirren 4 Alloa Athletic 2 (Simpson, McCulloch)
    11th Nov, 1972 Alloa Athletic 0 St. Mirren 0

    Season 1971/72 – Scottish Division Two
    18th March, 1972 St. Mirren 0 Alloa Athletic 1 (Laurie)
    13, Nov, 1971 Alloa Athletic 1 (McCallan) St. Mirren 3

    Season 1967/68 – Scottish Second Division
    3rd Feb, 1968 St. Mirren 6 Alloa Athletic 1
    14th Oct, 1967 Alloa Athletic 0 St. Mirren 1

    Season 1935/36 – Scottish Second Division
    Alloa Athletic 1 St.Mirren 1
    St. Mirren 4 Alloa Athletic 0

    Season 1922/23 – Scottish First Division
    St. Mirren 0 Alloa Athletic 1
    Alloa Athletic 1 St. Mirren 1

    Season 1908/09 – Scottish Cup
    30th Jan, 1909 St. Mirren 5 Alloa Athletic 0
    23rd Jan, 1909 Alloa Athletic 2 St. Mirren 2

    Season 1895/96 – Scottish Cup
    11th Jan, 1896 St. Mirren 7 Alloa Athletic 0

    Gareth Hutchison scores in last match against St. Mirren

    Brown Ferguson only survivor from last game in 2003

    Billy McDonald v. St. Mirren

    Craig Valentine v. St. Mirren

    Alloa fans at Love Street on last visit to Paisley

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