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    What a week 

    Friday, January 31, 2020 6:11:44 AM

    It’s been an interesting week, first of all I would like to thank Robert Wilson and Ewen Cameron for all the background work that goes on  into helping get players in that no one apart from these guys understands ,I have been very pleased with the players we have managed to get in, Lee Connelly, Ben Stirling, Kieran Wright and our latest edition to the squad Scott Banks from Crystal Palace, all of them I’m sure will have big part to play in the next few months, Scott I believe is a fantastic coup for the club a young man who I tried to sign when I first came to the club after I was very impressed with his performances when on loan at Clyde last season, considering all the clubs that genuinely wanted to sign him in England shows the real quality he has, I would also like to thank Dougie Freedman and Crystal Palace for giving us the trust to look after Scott , on the down side unfortunately we lose Jamie Mac Donald, Jamie has been absolutely magnificent, not just on the pitch ,where it’s been plain for everyone to see ,but in everything he brought to us ,his professionalism and attitude to work has been phenomenal, unfortunately due to injury he has to go back to Kilmarnock, we wish a speedy recovery and our grateful thanks, fortunately we have been able to bring in Kieran Wright who I’m really excited about and would like to thank Rangers for allowing this to happen, another positive to finish on I’m delighted with the Double the club has just Won, Kevin O’Hara has won Ladbrokes player of the month which he truly deserves and yours truly manager of the month, individual awards are good for your ego but as the old saying goes there is no I in team, these awards are for everyone at the club to share , we both know it’s impossible to get these awards without your teammates and staff, so well done EVERYONE.

    Peter Grant

    This is for EVERYONE at club


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