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    Welcome Peter Grant 

    Wednesday, July 10, 2019 5:15:38 PM

    Alloa Athletic FC would like to welcome our new manager, Peter Grant to the club, on behalf of the board of directors we are very pleased to be able to get the candidate we wanted. It is always a challenge for a club like Alloa Athletic to get the candidate you would want, so we are very happy to be able to attract a candidate of Peter's calibre to Alloa and look forward to working together and what the future holds in front of us. We believe that the Championship is a very tough environment and history will tell you we normally appoint young managers, on this occasion we believe Peter ticks all the boxes. We only spoke to one candidate and are delighted he has now agreed to be the new manager of Alloa Athletic FC.

    Mike Mulraney, Alloa Athletic FC Chairman / Director

    I'm absolutely delighted to be joining Alloa Athletic FC having spoken to and being convinced by Chairman, Mike Mulraney who has been brought up as an Alloa Athletic supporter, I can't say that but hearing his love for the club and football in general. We think along the same lines in football with great enthusiasm and passion to do well, I love the environment of a football pitch be it in training or on match days and getting the opportunity to work with a very succesful businessman and know things will be done properly and I want to do the job properly. The last four or five managers at this club have done very well , young managers who have come in and done exceptionally well, Jim Goodwin had the team fighting for their life in the Championship and trying to play a certain way it is not easy being at that time, being the only part-time team in the division but the players worked their socks off and got their reward.

    I watched the team for the first time last night and was very surprised at how the players wanted to take the ball under pressure and how they used the ball well and I was very happy at what I had seen and can see how these guys will work their socks off for the club. It's the first time I have went part-time but for me there is no such thing as part-time, if you are a manager or a coach it is  seven days a week, watching players, watching your own players get ready for matches so no change for me, it is only part-time I will see the boys. I am very fortunate that Paddy Connolly is here who has worked under previuos succesful managers and I will lean on him heavily, I've known him as a player and all about his work ethic at Alloa through the chairman, so I'm looking forward to working with him and him being a massive help. I want us to play and win games of football that is what I am here to do, I want to play well and win but if we don't play well and win you know that is the way it is, you never lose that winning mentality and I will look to instil that into the players and see the team progress, if we finish 3rd bottom I will try and make that 4th bottom but you want the players to push on. I believe if you start a race you look to win it, but if you can't win you try to be 2nd but you want to be first all the time. We will not go into any game with any fear, regardless of who we play or how much they have spen, at the end of the day it is the players who will have that belief that they can win any game.

    Peter Grant, Alloa Athletic FC - Manager

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