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    Players Resign 

    Thursday, June 06, 2019 5:24:57 PM

    Manager Jim Goodwin tonight completed the signing of Scott Taggart, Liam Dick, Jon Robertson and Alan Trouten who all completed the required paperwork logged with the SFA, renewing their contracts, which they had indicated verbally they would do. This now brings the squad to a total of twelve signed players.

    Neil Parry                 Goalkeeper
    Chris Henry              Goalkeeper
    Andrew Wilson        Goalkeeper
    Scott Taggart            Defender
    Andy Graham           Defender
    Liam Dick                Defender
    Jon Robertson          Defender
    Steven Hetherington Midfield
    Iain Flannigan           Midfield
    Adam Brown            Midfield
    Kevin Cawley           Forward
    Alan Trouten             Forward


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