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    Mitre Delta Ball 

    Tuesday, June 06, 2017 4:56:39 PM


     Mitre, match ball of choice for the Scottish Professional Football League, is ready to make history again with the return of its iconic Delta trademark. Redesigned, reinvented and rejuvenated,the Deltais back as Mitre’s new official match ball for the EFL, SPFL and WPL, engineered for optimalcontrol, accuracy and power.

    Instantly recognisable thanks to itsheritage, the Deltaholdsa unique place at the heart of British footballand over the yearshas beentreasured by players and fans alike. Last seen on Scottish football pitches in 2001,its returnmeans that a new generation of players can nowhavetheir firstfootball experienceswith a brand new ball with the same legendary trademark.This season the Delta returns – resigned, reinvented and rejuvenated – wearing the classic fluo and silver colourway which makes the SPFL ball unique.

    This, the most advanced football from Mitre, features brand new technology includinga textured surface for instinctive aerodynamic control. The added embossed grooves provide up to 400% more stability at speeds of 30 – 45 mph as well as greater accuracy vs a flat panelconstruction of the same ball.

    A distinctive 14 panel design with innovative Hyperseamtechnology ensures optimum energy dissipation and a super accurate flight. Combining the benefits of bonded and stitched seamsguarantees superb speed and pin-point accuracy with a consistent feel, almost zero water uptake² and superior durability.A laminated bladder combined with a rubber sheet constructed in between two layers of foam backing give explosive powercoupled withimproved control.

    Mark Upshall, Head of Category at Mitre Sports International, says; “We’re really proud of the Delta trademarkand its iconic heritage so can’t wait to bringit back. Our new Delta ballhasbeen updated with brand new technology to make it our most innovative football yet. We hope its return will inspire new moments of football brillianceamong future generations – the same way it has with players in the past”.

    The Delta (RRP £115), Delta Replica (RRP £12) and Delta Replica Mini (RRP £7) will be available for purchasefrom 1st Juneexclusively through Mitre.com.From 15th June onwards, the rangewill be widely available at all key retailers.

    Media enquiries

    Mercieca on behalf of Mitre - Tel: +44 207 485 0100 - Email: mitre@mercieca.co.uk

    About Mitre

    Established in 1817, Mitre is one of the leading football brands worldwide. The brand continues to lead the way in football development and technology whilst still staying true to its British heritage. Mitre’s values lie at the heart of the game, the company specialises in developing products for every level – from grassroots right up to acting as Official Ball Supplier to both the English Football League & Scottish Professional Football League.


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