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    Support Youth Development  

    Monday, April 06, 2009 5:30:16 AM


    Alloa Athletic fans can help do their bit to raise funds for the youth football academy with the help of IRN BRU SFL sponsors.

    IRN BRU, have created a youth development fund of £70,000 to be shared by the 30 SFL clubs. How the funds are divided up are down to the fans.  

    League tables have been set up for each club – the more votes the more money your Club will receive. First prize is £4500, Second prize £3500 and third prize £1500. At the moment Alloa are 8th in the IRN BRU competition and set to receive £1500 but with your help we could win so much more.

    To give Alloa the best chance of winning £4500, we need our fans to text “Score” plus the division number “2” followed but the first four letters of our teams name “Allo” i.e. “score 2 allo” to 60777, you can text as many times as you like!!

    (Texts are charged at your standard network rate. Please note these texts may not be included in any “text inclusive” packages. There will be no charge for confirmation texts.)

    Every text scores Alloa Athletic FC another point – giving our team a better chance of bigger bucks for youth development - so keep them coming. Your efforts might even win you a prize in the draw – IRN BRU  have  5 home cinema systems and 1000 IRN-BRU/SFL promo goodies up for grabs too. So Vote now and show your support.

    **Winners of the 5 Footy Home Cinema Systems and merchandise prizes will be selected in a random draw conducted under independent supervision. Merchandise prizes include 500 IRN-BRU Ponchos, 260 IRN-BRU Car Flags and Holders and 240 IRN-BRU Footballs. Last date for receipt of entries is on 28th May 2009. Winners will be notified by text within 28 days of the closing date.

    for more information and all terms and conditions see http://www.phenomenalfooty.com/score.php

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