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    Paul Hartley after Cup Tie 

    Sunday, December 01, 2013 3:53:59 AM

    It is good to be in the next round, we didn’t start the game particularly well, we gave them to many free kicks which lead to the opening goal, the sending off changed the game with us having much more of the ball but we weren’t at our best today but we showed real character in the second half to come through and win the game. Playing again ten men is never easy but our decision making has got to be better in terms of when we get the ball, what do we do with it, we were too slack at times, there were players who had an off day but what they did show was tremendous character and a will to win, I told them at half-time they would need to improve if not they would be out of the cup – and we wanted to be in that draw on Monday, so we are in the next round and I look forward to see who we will get. Not quite sure what we are wishing for this time, a big tie but hopefully another home draw and with some of the teams which are left in the draw we might get another tie which would favour us and who knows from there.


    Paul Hartley

    Managers Corner