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    Allan Maitland after Hamilton game 

    Sunday, January 09, 2011 3:48:39 PM

    My take on that game is that, I thought for the first twenty minutes we played really well, we had a game plan to try and attack them with Michael McGowan on the left hand side which I thought worked really well, we had opportunities when Andy Scott got in and squared it to Bryan Prunty, the one that Stuart Noble should have played in to Andy Scott, but the big thing for us, is that we had to get ahead of Hamilton to make sure that all fears that they have in their head become real and for us that was the penalty kick, we had a great claim for a penalty kick, in fact my players are telling me at half-time there was no if’s or buts it was a penalty kick, Kevin McDonald was tripped in the box, stonewall penalty, don’t get it, for their point of view in the last minute they got their penalty, and there was no argument it was a penalty, but for our goalkeeper to be sent off in the last minute I thought it was a wee bit harsh, we had players round about so to be shown a straight red was harsh. However Hamilton were the better side, the better side won, I think that’s fair to say and I don’t think in the second half we managed to create any real chances, but what we have done is come to a SPL side, we have made them wait until the 92nd minute before they felt relaxed and safe about it, we worked really hard, we were well organised and we must use that as a springboard going forward, I think the players effort and application was fantastic, however I think we lacked a bit of belief in the second half and didn’t keep the ball enough to cause them a problem, but in the first twenty minutes of the game we did that really well. I felt the most important thing was to make sure Hamilton had nerves in the game, had we got to half time level it would have been a great thing for us, if we had got ahead of them it would have asked them more questions, the odds of us coming here and winning are huge and we had to find ways of reducing that, and that was to get ahead. So we were pushing bodies forward for the first twenty five minutes and it worked for us, we kept taking the ball off them in good areas and with Kevin McDonald , Andy Scott and Michael McGowan arriving in the box to help us – but we had to score in that period, but there is no doubt getting the penalty would have been a turning point for us certainly, I feel as though their supporters would have been on their backs quite early based on the last few weeks. I also have to mention David Gormley’s penalty save which was quite outstanding he was volunteering himself as soon as Stevie Robertson went off, it was a great save, we had actually spoke to Stevie about where Simon Mensing was likely to put his penalty kicks but I forgot to mention it to Gorm’s.
    You must give credit to Hamilton as well, they are the SPL side and everyone expects them to win, there was a lot of pressure on them and they won the game and deserved to do so, we must recognise that.

    Allan Maitland – Team Manager

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