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    Peter Grant after home defeat to Morton 

    Saturday, December 21, 2019 1:37:12 PM

    Peter Grant after home defeat to Morton

    We lost the game in a ten minute spell, we knew that Morton would put us under pressure from crosses and second balls but the way we lost the first goal, we defended it then tried to play out of defence and got caught which was silly, the ball came back in and you can see the wonder strike and sometimes a strike like that can give yourself a lift. We then don’t pick up and it’s the one thing Morton will always do is ask questions at the back, we knew Morton would put crosses into our box and that is the time our concentration levels needed to be at our best and we got caught out again in that ten minute period which cost us the game.

    A lot of people were telling me the goal we had chalked off for offside looked like in was on side but Morton manager David Hopkin could also say his side should have had a penalty it is unfair the game is so quick now and I understand that, I have battered referee’s left right and centre so I think this time I have to be fair I have not seen the incidents back their penalty claim or our goal. We all know goals change games and I am not sure Nicky Cadden will score a better goal, it was a wonderful strike but that’s when you have to show your metal and concentrate during that period and we didn’t do that well and that’s what cost us the second goal.

    I think we get into great positions especially in the first half but the final ball was not good enough, Morton defended well so you need to give them credit, we got into good areas but when we had the opportunity to have a strike we took an extra touch and that’s why I go down to one touch training because I think, why take an extra touch because you will not get that opportunity, even at the highest level you get minimal time and at our level as well it is very difficult because you are playing against decent players. We have to have the belief to strike the ball early, it can deflect off somebody but get a shot away. We can speak about Jermaine Defoe and he is the best to work with because it is touch and bang and he showed that last night against Hibernian, and we need to get into that habit and there were opportunities we could have done that and that changes the game completely because in between both boxes we are playing a lot of good stuff but what wins you games and trophies and keeps you in leagues is what you do in your own box and in the opposition box and unfortunately we have not been clinical enough or defended well enough in our own box. It is frustrating; yes we had our two main strikers out today and guys on the bench just to make up numbers so it is difficult when we don’t have a lot to change it and that is something I have learned, so we will have to look at it not just changing the personnel, then you have to change everything, especially today and I don’t mean to be disrespectful the players on the bench were not the type of players to change the way and get us goals and that is something we need to look at.

    Peter Grant



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