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    Peter Grant at Tannadice 

    Sunday, December 08, 2019 6:28:37 PM

    Peter Grant at Tannadice

    In the first half we had to dig in when you come to places like Tannadice and that was the same when I came as a player, it’s always a place where there is a fast start that’s the way Dundee United play and we gave too many set plays away, throw ins, corners and we were under the cosh a bit. Jamie MacDonald did exceptionally well from long distance shots and we blocked efforts but that is part of the job, but to lose the goal as we did just on half-time, I was really disappointed to say the least because we were in possession of the ball and we should have held it and start again, but we tried to go forward and gave away possession which is lack of experience and a bad time to lose a goal going in at half-time.

    In the second half I thought we played a lot of good stuff, when you look at it the players Dundee United have and everything else which is different between the two clubs, if you had been up here watching the game for the first time and you hear Dundee United fans whistling for the full time whistle, I think that tells you enough of how we finished the game. However losing the second goal as we did, a ball up the inside of our full back shouldn’t happen, but how can Scott Taggart be five yards in front and then Louis Appere be five yards in front of him - there is only one way as he pulled him back. I don’t like complaining about things like that after you have lost a game of football. We are not Dundee United, we are not one of the big clubs but we look for the same consistency of decisions. I feel for the referees because of all the new decisions but when they start to cost you and they have this season.

    Dundee United supporters were desperate for the final whistle and near the end Robbie Thomson should have a strike, we created the chance and he knows that but the players take great credit for the way we tried to play here and in the two games we have played Dundee United I think we have been more than a match for them, but they can ask questions in a different way because of the players they have but I give nothing but credit to these boys but the bottom line is we have to learn how to win that’s the bottom line in football.

    Peter Grant  


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