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    Peter Grant after home defeat to ICT 

    Saturday, November 30, 2019 2:19:18 PM

    Peter Grant after home defeat to Inverness CT

    I thought the team were outstanding, but goals change games everybody knows that and the timing of the goals weren’t ideal but I can’t give nothing but praise to the players, we created chances, maybe not enough, we got in right good positions, probably the final shot or pass wasn’t good enough and consistent enough, but effort and commitment people always talk about and I thought the way we played was outstanding, but at important times in the game we missed good opportunities and that final pass.

    A couple of decisions including the first goal, I heard Jamie shouting but Scott had decided to head it which lead to an own goal, and losing the second goal just on the stroke of half-time was crucial which gave us a mountain to climb in the second half.

    Then we lost a player, to be fair I would like to see it again, I usually got a bonus for a tackle like that but now it is an ordering off! It would be unfair to criticise the referee without seeing it again. I thought in the first half we should have had a penalty kick when at 0-0 for a tackle on Alan Trouten which beggars belief, considering the free kicks the referee then gave later for wee shoves, so it must have been a stone waller if that was the case. If we had managed to go 1-0 up, against our style of play, it would have been very difficult for the opposition but they got the lift at the right time but I can’t heap nothing but praise on my players.  

    It is again nice to hear opposition managers praise our players and the fact that many of them could make it as full time players, I have no doubt in these players talents but the bottom line is we are second bottom of the league, although our performances might not deserve that position, we have maybe had 3 below standard performances this season but for me the players give everything and we are playing the hardest way to play at the moment because of our position in a very difficult league, we might have to be more ruthless in both boxes, with a desire not to concede and the desire to get in the box and finish which is most important, what you do outside these boxes is nice, good to watch, great movement but the bottom line is we need to win games of football and find a way to win. I know I have the players who can win games, I know the way we play will win us games but we have to stop losing silly goals. If we had got the penalty kick I believe it would have been a completely different game.

    Peter Grant

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