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    Peter Grant after home defeat to Arbroath 

    Saturday, August 24, 2019 1:46:06 PM

    Peter Grant after home defeat to Arbroath

    It was disappointing, Arbroath have come and done their job well and we have to give them credit for that but we know we are much better than that, once we lost the goal it gave Arbroath something to hold on to and I just thought the game was too bitty. We lost the ball to many times under no real pressure, sometimes you get that you get caught up in the atmosphere round about you but losing the goal the way we did from our throw in and all of a sudden we conceded a goal which has happened to often already this season. We were in good possession in the opposition half and we concede a goal!

    The sending off didn’t help, I understand the frustration from players at times because there are some decisions for both teams, it is very difficult for referees and linesmen because we now have guys in the stand mark you down if they don’t give a decision, it makes it a very difficult job and one I wouldn’t like to do. However it becomes a frustration when you are trying to play the game quick and the other team are just trying to stop the game being played. That becomes a frustration and players and supporters get frustrated at it. I don’t want my Alloa team picking up bookings for their mouth I want this to be a team to compete and not sitting on needless bookings for your mouth, it then puts you in the situation you can mistime a tackle and lose players. We don’t have a big squad, we done without our captain today and now will miss another influential player in Stevie, who has been excellent for us, so that is a massive blow for us. So the discipline has to be right I understand the frustration but I also have sympathy for the officials.

    We stopped trusting ourselves today, taking an extra touch and we are a team who like to play quick, Kevin Cawley who has been excellent for us was taking that extra touch today, but Kevin didn’t return back to training until Thursday after his head knock at Cappielow, he has been outstanding for us, he is a big player for us in the way he plays. Taking that extra touch allowed Arbroath to get into position. When we move the ball quick we look a good side but when we take too many touches we become an ordinary side.

    Peter Grant

    Managers Corner