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    Peter Grant after defeat at Cappielow 

    Tuesday, August 13, 2019 2:25:23 PM

    Peter Grant after defeat at Cappielow

    I thought we started the game very slow which wasn’t like us but the boys have been magnificent since I have come in the door, I just thought there was a wee edge of them today, at simple things - a throw in against not getting across to stop it and I thought that set the tone for the game. We know we are much better than that these boys have been magnificent they way they have been schooled by Jim Goodwin and prior, the way they work their socks off in every training session and in every game we have played and for me I think it is the first time they have not turned up for their work, so hopefully we can put it to bed and move on to the next game which is what we have to do.

    The sending off was a strange one, Andy said that the linesman had said something to the referee that he should get a booking, but Andy said he had not shouted at the linesman and that’s when he gave him a second yellow which I found incredible which the referee has not explained, because if he had said something or swore, because at first I thought he had swore at the referee but he said he had done nothing, it was the linesman who had told the referee and Andy said “ I haven’t shouted nothing to the linesman” but the referee gave him a second booking but the game was gone by then.

    Morton thoroughly deserved the victory, I didn’t think we turned up today, we had nice patches and could have scored a couple of goals in the first half but we were never in control as we were last week and teams are going to make it difficult for us to play. So we need to be the hardest team to play without the ball and the best team to watch with it, but today we didn’t move the ball quick enough and never stopped the opposition playing and with that combination there is only going to be one winner.

    Kevin Cawley has got concussion, he can’t even remember being hurt, he remembers hitting the ball for the goal but can’t remember it hitting the net when he landed and hit his head off the ground, he wanted to carry on but unfortunately nowadays although he felt good but then came to side of park and we had no choice to take him off, because he has been excellent for us and a catalyst in how we play and we missed him today. So we must dust ourselves down and go and make sure it doesn’t happen again, but we didn’t make it hard for the opposition to day.

    Peter Grant

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