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    Jim Goodwin after late victory 

    Sunday, September 10, 2017 9:59:49 AM

    Jim Goodwin after late victory over Forfar Athletic

    We didn’t play well at all today, there is no getting away from that, the real pleasing aspect of the game for me is the character of the players. We go a goal behind and things weren’t going our way - but they still managed to grind a result out. They kept going right till the death which was pleasing, obviously the substitutes made a difference making a great impact when they came on and we have a really good young prospect here in Adam Martin who has week after we week now made an impact when coming off the bench, he is desperate for a starting position and I am trying to be safe with the boy and not put too much on his shoulders all at once but I think after that performance again today I am struggling not to start him. Delighted for him and that is one huge positive we can take from the game today and we should really talk that one up because he is a young player who has come through our Academy who has got great ability and talent and one we are very excited about.

    Big Kris Renton works tirelessly up front and he gives centre halves a real nightmare, he is a hard player to play against, he is definitely a handful there is no doubt about that. I’m sure he would have liked to get a goal sooner there is no doubt about that, that’s him off the mark now and hopefully that gives him the confidence he needs to kick on, to keep going and getting the winner in the 94th minute was fantastic.

    That is now seven points from nine at home in the league games, we what to make this place as difficult as possible for teams visiting here, the fans play their part in that, I know they were frustrated for long spells today, as were we, but I take full responsibility, it is me their frustrations should be aimed at because at the end of the day I pick the tactics the formation and the players. I probably hold my hands up in regards to our formation today, I wanted to go with the same team and the same formation as last week because I thought we did very well against very good Dundee United side. I didn’t feel I needed to change because I thought if we could replicate that performance then we would be fine, but we didn’t and that falls on me that’s my responsibility but gladly with half an hour to go we made the right changes and the right formation changes which helped us to go on and win the game.

    Hopefully that will have been my first run out from January and hopefully my last, its sods law we go a goal behind and I make the two changes to try and bring on more offensive players and then big Andy Graham does his shoulder, he got a bad one last week and in fairness to the big guy he is that type of boy he wanted to play it, he is a big player for us but it just didn’t work out for him today, if he goes off the park in a normal stage of a game then in my mind I’m thinking moving Stevie Hetherington to left back and Daryll Meggatt into centre half and the back four are fine, but sods law I had already taken Stevie off the park and five minutes later the big man goes down rolling about like a big Jessie.

    I felt we lacked an urgency, we spoke about it at half-time, especially in the first half, I felt the game was really flat from both teams , neither team played really well and don’t think it was a terrific spectacle to watch. We do try and play football and I think we have the players to play that way but in the last fifteen minutes today it was just about getting bodies up front and getting people in the box, it causes problems for defences but it is not the way I want us to try and play for 90 minutes, but when you are chasing the game late on then needs must. We are a better team than what we have shown, I believe there is an awful lot more to come still, we haven’t really got going yet, however we have managed 2 wins and a draw at home so for a team that really not got going yet we are not in too bad a place - we know we can improve and we will, we will work hard on the training field.

    Andy’s injury is his ligaments in his shoulder it is not dislocated or something which would keep him out for 6-8 weeks, we will nurse him this week and let him sit out training, give him a good five days of doing nothing but we certainly cannot take a gamble next week, if he is not right we need to make that decision prior to the game, next week’s game is massive.

    Jim Goodwin

    Managers Corner