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    Danny Lennon after defeat to Dumbarton 

    Saturday, December 05, 2015 5:27:41 PM

    We are certainly getting punished for every wee mistake we make at this moment, but what we certainly can’t be is feeling sorry for ourselves, however we must take that frustration and channel that in a way to prepare and move on to the next game and channel it in a way that can earn us a result. I thought our work rate, and application of the players today was absolutely fantastic in very difficult conditions, not helped by the elements. Goals always change games and particularly where we are at this minute in time, in terms of the first goal, certainly the elements played a major part, the players losing sight of the ball coming out of the blizzard conditions, saying that, you still have to deal with the corner better. Every game is big for us from now on and what certainly Tuesday brings is a welcome break from the league campaign, it is a different focus, a one of game where you are looking to progress in what is the oldest club competition and its is a wonderful piece of silverware and we will look to progress in the tournament and move on to the next tier. If we bring the same level of application and work rate we can achieve our aim, it is a cup competition and we have already had a positive result at Dumbarton earlier this season. I felt comfortable up until the opening goal, I thought we were on the ascendancy prior to, Dumbarton taking the lead, however goals change games. We are going through a very difficult period at this moment in time, up until Dumbarton took the lead we were very much in the game, however I get the fans frustration, I know how frustrated they are, I’m going through the same emotions as them and I really feel for them because they invest so much of their time and money & emotions into their club, but we are working very hard behind the scenes to get that right. We did have some good performances today, I thought Michal Duffy was excellent, one thing which I’m sure cannot help us - is that we have not been able to field the same team each week due to injuries and suspensions. Playing part-time players in a mainly full-time league takes its toll but we must keep focused, we start our preparation as of now and we will be back in again tomorrow, Sunday, to get over the disappointment and we will discuss one or two things that went well for us during the game and also look at the things that didn’t go well and we will move on.

    Danny Lennon

    Managers Corner