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    An angry Allan Maitland 

    Sunday, February 22, 2009 4:00:39 AM

    East Fife must love playing against us, because we have played three games against them this season and Greig Spence today forced Willie McCulloch to make his first save he has had to make against us in the three games, today I thought we were worse than at any other stage of the season, the first half we were flat and the second half we were dreadful, I think East Fife thourghly deserved their goal, it was a miracle it was only 1-0 but we can only get better than that performance. Having done really well in last two weeks we should have come into the game with loads of confidence, there was no sign of that, we allowed East Fife after a difficult game on Tuesday night to play the game at the tempo they wanted, we had no quality in the game and we got exactly what we deserved out of the game, which is absolutely nothing.

    Allan Maitland - Team Manager

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