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    Alloa Athletic Football Club (hereinafter referred to as “the Club”) participates in the Scottish Football League Youth Development Initiative and in the U17 and U19 Professional Youth Divisions.

     The Club recognises its responsibilities to the children and young adults concerned (hereinafter referred to as “the Player (s)”) and to its coaches, physiotherapists and doctors (hereinafter referred to as “personnel”) to ensure:

     a.      The prevention of abuse of players be it physical, sexual or emotiona

    b.     Those personnel do not place themselves at risk of accusation of perpetration of such abuse.

     To that end the club is familiar with the following recognised definitions of abuse. 


     In a football context, such abuse might exist, for example, where the nature and intensity of training exceeds the capacity of a player’s physical development, or where the use of performance enhancing drugs is encouraged.


    3. NEGLECT

     In a football context, exposure to extremes of weather or use of unsafe equipment would constitute neglect of the player’s physical welfare.



     In a football context, such abuse would be constituted where there is inappropriate or unnecessary touching during coaching; personnel must be aware of the risk to themselves in vulnerable situations where players are changing or showering.


     In a football context, such abuse would include the exposure of players to constant bullying, criticism and threats or to unrealistic pressure to perform to a level beyond ability.

     6. THE POLICY

     The Club recognises that personnel working with players must do so within a policy framework, which is mutually protective of the players and such personnel. Accordingly the club has evolved the following Child Protection Policy.

     The Club will ensure that its work with players is based upon the following core values;


                              i.            The player’s sport experiences must be guided by what is best for the player’s maximum benefit.

                            ii.            Personnel interacting with players should do so with integrity and respect for each player.

                          iii.            Verbal, physical, emotional or sexual abuse of any kind is unacceptable within any sport.

                           iv.            All players should be treated in an equitable and fair manner regardless of age, ability, religion or social and ethnic background.

                             v.            Personnel should be competent in the tasks they undertake and have opportunities to access training.


     In seeking to apply the foregoing policy, the Club will adhere to the following principles and will:


                        i.            Take all reasonable steps to protect players from harm, discrimination, or degrading treatment.

                      ii.            Ensure that any suspicions or allegations of abuse are responded to swiftly and appropriately.

                    iii.            Respect the rights, wishes and feelings of players.

                     iv.            Offer safeguards to players and personnel alike.


    7. SUMMARY

     The Club recognises that personnel are not trained to identify abuse but requires them to refer concerns to the Child Protection

    Co-ordinator. The role of the Co-ordinator is outlined in Appendix IV.


    It is implicit in the adoption of the policy that there is a thorough vetting procedure in relation to personnel, whether as employees or volunteers. Existing personnel will be required to complete the form attached hereto as Appendix I, new personnel must complete form as Appendix II.


    To reinforce the policy and its application the Club will issue to personnel the guidelines listed in Appendix III. The objective of the guidelines is to foster awareness and a culture of openness across all relevant areas of activity.


    The Club will issue guidelines to personnel outlining the steps they must take if a player discloses details of abuse, or if they suspect that abuse may have occurred.


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